COMANCHE — The Comanche County Consolidated Hospital Board has hired Kurt Meyer of PHNS Inc. as its interim director.

The search for an interim executive officer began after the board terminated Chief Operating Officer Michael Hare and Chief Executive Officer Evan Moore on Jan. 9. Board President Charles Mazurek said the two were terminated because of “financial performance issues.”

“We have visited with the company and feel very comfortable with them,” Mazurek said.

PHNS will receive $10,708 per month for the work Meyer, a salaried PHNS executive, performs. According to Henry Stovall, president of Advisory Services for PHNS, Meyer is a “veteran.”

“Kurt is the vice-president of this division and is responsible for taking temporary CEO and CFO positions across the nation,” Stovall explained. “We actively recruited him because of his track record of turning around troubled hospitals.”

Meyer, who has spent 14 years in medical administration, has been the CEO of several hospitals, including locations in Texas, and most recently in Arkansas.

Chief Nursing Officer Shannon Steigleder, who has been acting as interim executive officer, will return to her position Monday.

“Kurt and I will both be on site Monday morning,” Stovall said.

Mazurek said Meyer is under a short-term contract.

“It is a 90-day contract,” he said. “There is a provision to continue the contract on a month by month basis if a replacement is not found by the end of April.”

The board will meet next Tuesday.

“I am sure that hiring a permanent replacement will be a topic for discussion,” Mazurek said.

PHNS provides a variety of medical services to hospitals nationwide.