Special to the Bulletin

Brownwood native Curtis Butler, a commercial artist for more than 20 years, will share his vision of the “Best of Brownwood” during the Brownwood Reunion Celebration this weekend.

Butler has built the frame and is currently filling in the background for a 7x24-foot mural which will be moved to the Reunion area by Friday. Members of the Brownwood Art Association and a group of high school students will be painting with Butler on Friday and Saturday, and the public is urged to watch the progress on the large mural when they visit the Reunion.

Students from Brownwood, Zephyr and San Saba are planning to participate.

“They are great and all have demonstrated an interest and talent in painting plus, like me, they are energized by an idea that’s taking shape and well on the way to happening,” Butler said.

Butler said he volunteered to take the massive project because of his appreciation for what the community means to families.

“This is a wonderful place to live and rear a family and I think sometimes we forget just how great it really is,” Butler said.

Butler said the mural is primarily his vision of the “Best of Brownwood,” along with a few suggestions from Reunion volunteers.

“There’s no way to depict everything that’s wonderful about who we are and what this community is all about,” Butler said. “I would need a mural at least 48 feet and more.

“I expect a few comments, but you know that’s another thing that’s great about this place. We are all proud of our community and we aren’t at all shy about sharing our opinions.”

Butler said the mural will highlight the importance of sports through images of young men and women in a variety of sports.

It will also include the patriotism of the community through an iconic image from World War II, the raising of the Flag at Iwo Jima. Among other images — which include the well-known Underwood’s Restaurant cowboy and the “Feels Like Home” logo — Butler promised surprise for the community that will be revealed when the mural is finished.