Carrying all his belongings in a Wal-Mart sack, a Colorado man moved in with a Shamrock Shores woman and her two children after meeting them at a Thanksgiving family gathering.

Deputies showed up at the woman’s home Thursday night.

“Cody, is there something you didn’t tell me?” the woman hollered as deputies ordered him to his knees, sheriff’s Sgt. Jimmy Simpson recounted.


The woman’s house guest, Cody Nelson, 22, was an escapee from a half-way house in Durango, Colo., Simpson said.

Deputies took Nelson into custody on a Colorado escape warrant.

Simpson said he understands that Nelson signed out of a half-way house on Nov. 5 and was supposed to be out looking for a job, but never returned, prompting the escape warrant.

“Nelson told me ‘they were fixing to send me to prison because I didn’t find a job,’” Simpson said.

Simpson said the story he got was that the Shamrock Shores woman’s brother had met up with Nelson in Colorado and brought him to Comanche, where some of the family lives.

The family was celebrating Thanksgiving, and that’s how the Shamrock Shores woman met him, Simpson said.

Colorado authorities tipped off Comanche police that Nelson might be there, Simpson said. Comanche police followed up and learned he might be in Shamrock Shores and notified Brown County authorities.

Simpson and other deputies arrived at the Shamrock Shores home around 5 p.m., and one of the children answered Simpson’s knock on the door. Deputies entered and encountered Nelson, who looked like he might be making a run for it out the back door, Simpson said.

Another deputy, who had been allowed in through the back door, blocked his path.

As deputies were leaving, they noticed a 16-year-old juvenile sitting in a vehicle parked in the area in a bar ditch.

Investigator Carlyle Gover recognized the youth as someone who was the subject of three directives to apprehend on burglary charges. Deputies took the youth into custody, and he was released to his mother on the instructions of a juvenile probation officer, Simpson said.