The Mary and Jesus decorations that adorned a couple’s Oak Park Drive home’s front yard went missing Dec. 6 and may never be found.

Misty and Jason Woodard reported the lighted plastic statues were gone earlier this month. The Mary statuette stood almost 4 feet tall and the baby figurine was proportionate to her size. Both of the nativity pieces could be lighted. Misty Woodard told Brownwood Police Officer Mitch Slaymaker earlier this month the value of the pieces would be about $80.

In a report filed Wednesday, Slaymaker said he had repeatedly checked pawn shops and yards during the last two weeks but had no leads on where the figures could be or who might have taken them.

Among other reports filed by Brownwood Police on Wednesday, there were two theft incidents where employees were the suspects. In one incident, an employee who began working at Long John Silver’s in November and who, as part of his job, was expected to make night deposits, admitted to keeping some of the deposit money.

Tammy Doss, manager at Long John Silver’s, fired the individual, but told him if he returned the $420 out of his last paycheck she would not press charges. He picked up the check and did not endorse it back to the employer until officer Fred Bastardo went to his home and brought him back to the restaurant.

His check was for $421.63, and after the transaction, he was given $1.63. Bastardo also issued a trespass warning to both him and his wife.

Charges have not been filed yet, but an employee at Allsup’s is suspected of allowing several individuals walk out of the store with beer, Dr Pepper and other foodstuffs without paying.

The Allsup’s personnel at the store’s New Mexico headquarters observed several transactions involving the female suspect allowing individuals leave the store without paying for the merchandise they walked out of the store with. The woman has denied allowing such transactions, saying she doesn’t even “eat anything for lunch at the store” because she did not want to be accused of theft.

Also, according to another report filed by officer Sky Self on Wednesday, Joseph Michael Lawrence was taken to jail around 9 p.m. Tuesday, after bursting into a couple’s apartment yelling and screaming in a rambling diatribe, and threatening them harm, saying he was armed.

Self wrote in his report that the couple and another resident at the Bluffview apartments accused Lawrence of beating on doors with so much force the building was shaking. Self, assisted by Brownwood Police Cpl. Johnny Jackson, found Lawrence in his own apartment by following the sound of his voice. Lawrence was rambling incoherently, Self reported.

Because Lawrence had told the couple he was armed, the police took precautions, but after checking him in a physical pat down, the police found he was not armed.

Lawrence admitted in his rambling that he had drunk a whole bottle of Canadian Mist.

“I am an out of control alcoholic,” he explained.