Special to the Bulletin

Reports on county-wide planning for a possible medical emergency and proposals to support local activities were among the topics of discussion at this month’s meeting of the Bangs Business Association (BBA) June 5 at the Bangs Community Center.

John Thomas, response specialist of the Brownwood/Brown County Health Department, said he been meeting with various organizations, such as the Lions Club, Bangs Mayor, Bangs ISD and the BBA, to try and establish emergency medical disaster plans in case of a pandemic, flu epidemic or other medical emergency.

Thomas said that in late January or February 1918 a flu outbreak occurred in Haskell County, Kan. The health organizations later determined that this was the beginning of the infamous Spanish flu which caused many deaths.

Because of that outbreak, it was proven that flu can start in any area of the country and spread rapidly. The Health Department wants to educate the public. There are three clinics currently organized in Brown County, and the department would like to also have one in Bangs.

Thomas said a new TB virus has developed in Africa which is resistant to any known medication.

Also, smallpox is popping up again and is resistant to the old vaccinations. All people are connected worldwide by six individuals, so an epidemic could happen at any time.

Roy Early said the Steering Committee met May 22 and developed a proposal for charitable contributions. The BBA would contribute to up to four organizations annually. Each January, the four recipients will be determined, such as the Fourth of July fireworks, Youth Fair, Youth Baseball and Project Graduation.

A dollar amount would be determined not to exceed $100. All others seekig funds would have to submit a request for the following year.

The committee did not discuss assistance for businesses, but will submit guidelines for the next meeting in August. There was some discussion about loans to businesses and making them a donation or a no-interest loan. Most felt a no-interest loan would be appropriate. Cynthia Johnson reminded the assembly that when the Economic Development Board comes into existence, matching funds may be needed so the association should keep a healthy bank balance.

Cynthia Johnson said that during the April meeting the Steering Committee had recommended that the BBA have a program chairman and a parliamentarian and that those positions had not filled. Early volunteered for the position of parliamentarian, and Betty Ellis was suggested for program chairman.

Kay Wadsworth asked for input on the brochure that had been passed around to all members prior to the meeting, and the feedback was positive. Members made a few adjustments and Russell Wadsworth made a motion to give the Steering Committee permission to finish the brochure. Dennis Lily seconded. The motion was approved and passed.

Printers were discussed and members felt the Brownwood Bulletin should print the brochure after all its help to the BBA. Distribution would be to Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce, Early COC, Real Estate Brokers and BBA members. A minimum of 5,000 copies would be printed. Terry Bennie suggested that the association contact Judy Fort about grants from the “Texas Yes!” program. Dennis Lily made a motion to approve expenditure of approximately $750 for printing. Phillis Morris seconded. The vote passed with one against and three abstaining.

Barbara Findley announced Yard of the Month will go to Billy and Peggy Gamblin on Kyle Street. Harvey Hatfield said that Business of the Month is Charlie’s Garage, Pam and Charlie Collins.

Sharon Canales gave a report on the Special Activities Committee. The fireworks have been paid for, and they cost $2,000. The license for the city was $122. A full page ad will be taken out in the Bulletin thanking the sponsors and T-shirts will be printed for sale with the sponsors names on them. The total amount collected from sponsors is $3,590. The school board approved use of the stadium for the event and the city will approve a waiver of the 1949 Ordinance next Tuesday. The event will be held June 29.

Bob Tucker reminded members that many members will be gone for the July 3 meeting. Members agreed to have no meeting in July and meet again at 7 p.m. Aug. 7 at the Bangs Community Center at 7 p.m.

Mayor Carrol Wells thanked all the businesses for their help and time to pass Proposition 1, 2 and 3 concerning the Economic Development Board. She also said that the city is developing a Farmers’ Market.

Seventeen members were present with one visitor. Bob Tucker called the meeting to order, and asked Cynthia Johnson to read last month’s minutes. Dennis Lily made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Roy Early seconded. The motion carried. Bob read the financial report and stated that the BBA had $7,280.07 in the bank.

The door prize was donated by Harvey Hatfield of Hatfield’s Barber Shop. Waymond Sheppard won the $25 prize. Bob Tucker adjourned the meeting.