John Chisholm will leave his job as general manager of the Brown County Water Improve-ment District for a job with the San Antonio River Authority.

Chisholm, 46, said he will be director of operations and will be over water and wastewater utilities, parks services and watershed operations.

He said he will leave the water district around April 10.

“It’s definitely a step up,” said Chisholm, who was selected in October 2003 for his job with the local water improvement district. He said he will be part of the executive management team of “a very exciting organization.”

Chisholm said he has notified the water improvement district’s board members and will submit a letter of resignation at the next board meeting, on March 11.

Board vice president Mark Campbell said Chisholm’s resignation will be a loss to the district. “He has been valuable and critical (and) the right guy for the job,” Campbell said.

“There’s no doubt he’s going to be missed. He’s got a lot of things in order. I feel like things are running smoother than ever.”

Chisholm said the decision to take the job was difficult because of the family’s fondness for the community. He and his wife, Cindy, have three children ages 7 (8 on Friday), 5 and 3.

“It was really, really a tough thing for us — the whole family — to decide to do it,” Chisholm said. He said they’ve been comfortable in a small town and “the people in this community have been just so awesome.

“We found such a good home in our church, in our community. Career-wise, it is important for me to do. … It is a double-edged sword. We have agonized over it and prayed over it. This is just a bigger, better deal for me.”

Chisholm and Campbell cited the ongoing expansion of the water treatment plant as among the most impost significant events of Chisholm’s time with the Brown County Water Improvement District.

Chisholm has been in the water and wastewater business for more than 22 years.

Before coming to the Brown County Water Improvement District, he was utility development coordinator with the Lower Colorado River Authority.