BANGS - Coffey Anderson, currently in the middle of a national tour with his fellow “Nashville Star” television show finalists, will meet friends and fans in his Bangs hometown at 7:30 p.m. today at Bangs High School.

The public is invited to join Anderson, who now lives in Los Angeles, to get some autographs, browse his offerings of CD recordings and listen to him sing a few of his songs.

“We’ll have some fun,” Anderson said Monday. “I’m looking forward to seeing the new Bangs High School auditorium.”

Anderson and the three other finalists from “Nashville Star” have eight more stops before Thanksgiving on their fall concert tour, including a show at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth Saturday night. Between those dates, he is making other appearances as a solo act, including a stop in Memphis, Tenn., on Thursday at the “Fall Rush” in support of a safe haven sponsored by Raleigh First Assembly church.

Anderson is spending part of this week visiting his father, Stan Anderson, in Bangs, after the “Nashville Star” concert Friday near San Antonio and another show in Arlington Saturday.

“I’ve been blessed,” Anderson said of the opportunities opening up to him since becoming a finalist on “Nashville Star.” “Every place I go, people want to take pictures. It’s fun.”

Anderson said he is using the celebrity aspect that his career has been developing to preach the message he sings in his music ministry at a Los Angeles church. Even though Anderson didn’t win the popular vote on “Nashville Star,” he is busier making solo appearances than the other finalists. Negotiations are continuing for a major label recording contract, Anderson said.

He had hoped to have a new recording of Christmas songs released in time for the holidays, but his busy schedule has not allowed the time he needs to be in the studio. Perhaps, he said, that will be ready for next year.

“We have a blast,” Anderson said of the chemistry among the four “Nashville Star” finalists. “We’ve gotten to know each other so well, we know when someone is happy. We know when something is going on. We spent 24 hours a day together for months.”

The last time Anderson was in Brown County was in September 2007, when he was the headliner for the Brownwood Reunion Celebration’s religious concert on Sunday. He said he hopes to schedule a tour of Texas shows next summer, noting that the number of “Nashville Star” appearances in his home state is limited considering the fact that three of the program’s finalists - including winner Melissa Lawson - are Texans.

“Texas has always been on the cutting edge of the music industry,” Anderson said. “So many stars from all the different types of music are from Texas. There are so many great artists at the forefront. They are doing some amazing music.”

Anderson’s fiancee, Criscilla Crossland, is accompanying him on his trip home this week, but his daughter, Savannah, is back in California. Crossland and Anderson met at the Los Angeles church where they are both involved in special ministries while also pursuing their professional careers. Crossland is a dancer who appears regularly at Brittany Spears and Hannah Montana concerts, and has been featured in movies like “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” “Fat Albert” and “Bedtime Stories,” an upcoming Disney release scheduled to be in theaters this Christmas.

Anderson, a graduate of Bangs High School and Howard Payne University, was among 45,000 who tried out for this year’s “Nashville Star,” and became one of the 12 chosen to appear.