Early school board members approved specs for retractable bleachers in the high school gym, and could have bids by the July meeting.

Meanwhile construction and renovation is ongoing in the gym, and board members anticipate that even if bleachers are not in place before October, the gymnasium will be ready by the time school starts.

The current configuration is for bleacher seating for 620 spectators, and board members asked for quotes on options of adding backs to the bleacher seats on some home-side seats, all home side seats or all seats.

The trustees met in regular session Thursday and discussed possible increases for the school lunch and breakfast prices. No action was taken this month, but a revised pricing schedule will likely be voted on at the July meeting.

Superintendent Brett Koch repeated for the board that the Early Independent School District cafeteria was having to be subsidized by $175,000, and the increase of 25 to 45 cents per meal, or a change in the way “seconds” are figured — a la carte — could make a difference in that cost.

Also, Koch said, “The price of food is going up. Milk is much more expensive. Increasing the price of the meal is about the only way we can keep up with the rising costs.”

Approximately 42 percent of the EISD students are on a free or reduced meal plan.