Brownwood resident Joe Cooksey has filed a lawsuit in 35th District Court alleging that the city is violating its charter by paying a local accounting firm to perform the city’s annual audit.

Cooksey’s lawsuit, which he filed himself, asks that District Judge Steve Ellis stop the city from paying the $38,000 annual auditing fee to Krischke and Co.

The lawsuit referred to a section of the city’s charter that prevents the city from entering a contract with an accounting firm that has direct, personal interest in the city’s fiscal affairs.

Because company president David Krischke owns property and Brownwood, pays property taxes here and votes, his company is disqualified from performing the audit, Cooksey’s lawsuit states.

Cooksey sent e-mails to City Manager Bobby Rountree and council members on July 7 stating his concerns after learning the council planned to consider awarding a contract to the company the next day, Cooksey’s lawsuit states.

He said he did not receive any response, and council members renewed a three-year contract on July 8 with the company.

City Attorney Pat Chesser said he has seen the lawsuit. “We don’t believe his position is correct, and we will defend ourselves accordingly,” Chesser said.