The Starbucks in Brownwood has made the company’s list of stores that will be closed, but company officials haven’t said when.

On Thursday, Seattle-based corporation’s Web site showed the Brownwood store as one of the 600 company-operated stores that will be closed beginning this month and in the first half of the 2009 fiscal year.

Brownwood’s Starbucks, at 300 W. Commerce, opened in October 2004.

“The timing of specific store closures depends upon a number of factors and we will not be able to confirm an exact date,” Starbucks said in a press release. “If there is a date posted, we can anticipate that the store is closing, however we are not able to confirm that the date posted is final.”

Local Starbucks employees referred comment to the corporate offices.

In January, Starbucks “committed to transforming the company through a series of initiatives that would improve the current state of our U.S. business, reignite the emotional attachment with our customers, and build the business for the long term,” the company said.

Over the last few months, our executive and field leadership teams conducted an extensive review of our business with a goal of enhancing operating efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and ensuring long-term value for our partners, customers and shareholders.”