University News Service

Don Piper, author of the New York Times bestseller “90 Minutes in Heaven - a True Story of Death and Life,” shared his inspiring testimony Wednesday at Howard Payne University’s weekly chapel service.

During his message, Piper gave a detailed account of his tragic accident in 1989 in which his car was crushed by an 18-wheeler. Shortly after the accident, a preacher came upon the scene and felt prompted by God to pray for Piper, even though he had already been pronounced dead by four sets of EMTs.

During this time a prayer chain also formed across the state, nation and world. Ninety minutes after the accident occurred, without any medical intervention, Piper was miraculously brought back to life. Now, 18 years and 34 surgeries later, he is a walking testimony to the healing power of God.

Piper told the students that the main point that he wanted to communicate to them was, “I believe God answers prayer - God is still in the miracle business … If God can resuscitate a dead guy in a red car - He can work a miracle in your life.”

As he was sitting in the hospital for 13 months following his accident he said he asked the Lord “Why?” many times. He could not find anyone who understood how he felt. One day he decided to become that comfort to others.

“I decided to take my disappointments and turn them into divine appointments,” he said. “I decided to take my mess and make it a message for others.”

Piper concluded the message by saying, “Heaven is real — I went to heaven when the big truck hit me because I knew the way - Jesus is the way.”