Elementary school-aged students are in the process of going “around the world in five days” at this week’s Young Scholars program at Howard Payne University.

“The bottom line is that these programs are designed for students who want to have educational experiences that they wouldn’t have in the classroom,” HPU continuing education coordinator Pat Locks said as the week hit the midpoint of its journey Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, students were making volcanos and watching them erupt inside the Douglas MacArthur Academy of Freedom, part of a tour of the Pacific Islands. Meanwhile, next door at the Girling Center for Social Justice, others were paying a visit to Antarctica and playing games like musical chairs and pretending to be penguins. Later, the students were taken to the HPU climbing wall for physical activity.

It’s the final week of summer enrichment camps for school-aged youngsters at Howard Payne. Previous activities have included Summer Scholars held June 2-6 for students who are entering the fourth through sixth grades, and Junior Academy for middle school students held June 17-19.

Programs for the older students focused on applied learning in math, science and technology courses in cooperation with Texas Tech pre-engineering interns and local engineers, including those from the Texas Department of Transportation. This week, the younger students have been engaged in educational programs presented in an entertaining manner.

This week’s events are held from 9 a.m. until noon.