Bulletin Staff Report

Timed to kick off with the start of the school year, the Heart of Texas Girl Scout Council is offering new programming and expanding to serve more girls.

The Heart of Texas, Bluebonnet, Lone Star and El Camino Girl Scout Councils are joining together, and the four combined will become the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, serving girls in 46 counties.

“The council realignment will result in increased program opportunities, access to more facilities and an improved volunteer system,” said Etta Moore, presently with the Lone Star Council and the future chief executive officer for Girl Scouts of Central Texas. “The formation of the Girl Scouts of Central Texas creates an environment to prepare girls for leadership in a global society, and that’s exciting for everyone involved.”

The mission for Girl Scouting is to provide relevant programs and better serve girls in Central Texas, Moore said. The official “joining together” of councils is set for Oct. 1. Girl Scouts of Central Texas will be one of seven Girl Scout councils in Texas.

According to information released last week to media for all four councils, both the expansion and new programming are steps “to move toward Girl Scouting’s updated vision for providing the best outcomes-based leadership opportunities for girls.”

“We’re providing programs to girls that will help them grow into smart responsible young women,” said Moore. “There couldn’t be a more exciting time to be a Girl Scout.”

Upcoming program opportunities include the Texas Conference for Women, an all-day conference hosted by Gov. Rick Perry and First Lady Anita Perry, in which girls create a road map for their future and gain valuable insight to help them make better life decisions and career choices. Other exciting programs include “Project Wild for Juniors,” an overnight workshop for girls to learn about Texas wildlife and conservation; “Mom & Me,” a weekend of mother-daughter bonding and home makeover crafts; and “Brownie Fairy Mist,” an opportunity for girls to explore the legends of the Wood Fairies at Camp Wood Lake.

“Girl Scouts is an important community organization, one that teaches girls life skills and invigorates girls with a sense of service. Parents, educators and community leaders value the Girl Scouts and consistently show interest in our activities,” Moore said.

“As girls today face unprecedented challenges, the Girl Scouts is transforming and developing the best leadership program for girls. The added programs promise to address these challenges by providing the most relevant and realistic curriculum possible, including programs focused on community leadership and civic responsibility.”

Registration for Girl Scouts is taking place now, and, Moore said, “We are proud of the changes taking place and look forward to better serving every girl, every where.”

Information regarding Girl Scout rallies and registration events is available through schools and community venues. For more information on joining Girl Scouts, visit www.heartoftexasgsc.org or call (800) 346-3215.

The four Girl Scout councils that will become the Girl Scouts of Central Texas currently serve nearly 20,000 girls, ages 5 to 17, and more than 12,000 adult volunteers in 46 Central Texas counties.