Shoppers will be getting a little more bang for their bucks this weekend during the state’s annual sales tax holiday.

The break from state and local taxes began officially at 12:01 a.m. today, and will continue though Sunday. During the holiday, most clothing and footwear priced under $100 is exempt by law from state or federal taxes.

“It is a savings and a lot of people do take advantage of it,” said Audrey Riley, manager at Bealls Department Store. “With the cost of gas, along with the tax free sales, people who stay at home to shop can look at a real savings.”

Riley said the store is looking forward to a “strong, good weekend.”

Some “super sales” are planned for merchandise in every department, she said. And added some of the shoes that usually sell for more than $100 have been marked down so they will qualify for the tax exemption.

At Goody’s in Brownwood, Manager Melissa Mullins said she expects the “weekend to be crazy busy.”

“We definitely have the merchandise and we’re ready for back-to-school,” Mullins said. “We’ve got lots of name-brand clothing, lots of great buys. Something for everybody, and, just about everything in our store qualifies. Nothing in the store is over a hundred dollars, and a lot of the clothing we carry qualifies for the tax-free exemption. Plus we’ve got a lot of sales and markdowns already.”

Shoppers can save $8 on ever $100 they spend if each item in their basket is on the exempt list, and costs less than $100. Coats, diapers, clothes and shoes qualify. Accessories, cleated athletic shoes and ski or hiking boots and waders are on the “taxed” list.

This year, student backpacks under $100 qualify for the exemption, as long as they have straps and can be worn on the back and are intended for school.

According to the law, retailers must collect taxes on items that are not on the tax-free list, but as part of their promotions, they may include the taxes as part of the sale price.