The Precinct One road crew got a few minutes respite from the cold Monday morning. The whole crew came to the Brown County Commissioners Court meeting to see the crews’ longest tenured employee honored.

Stormy Barnum, who’s worked on the crew for 26 and a half years, will retire at the end of the month, and was presented a framed certificate of appreciation for his work and dedication Monday.

Precinct One Commis-sioner Steve Adams presented the certificate and said when he had begun as commissioner, someone would ask about a road, and so Adams would ask Barnum to check into it.

“Stormy would always come back and tell me what he thought needed to be done,” Adams said. “Finally it got to where I’d just send Stormy and tell him to do what he thought he needed to do. And that’s always worked.”

A slightly emotional Barnum said Adams was the third commissioner he’d worked for.

“All of them have been good to me, and good to this county,” Barnum said. “I’m proud to have worked for Brown County.”

Barnum won’t officially retire until the end of the month, but Adams said he wanted to make a formal recognition of Barnum’s long-time service to the county. Adams said Barnum and his family will be honored with a fish fry Dec. 23 at the Winchell Volunteer Fire Station.

“The Precinct Four guys are frying the fish for us,” Adams said. “We want to invite any who would like to come out — it’s at 6 o’clock Dec. 23 — and say ‘thanks’ to Stormy.”

In other business Monday, commissioners:

•Approved a request for a wrap-around desk for the district clerk’s office to be purchased with funds from record preservation grant;

•Approved Texas County and District Retirement System plan;

•Approved communication line installation on County Road 198;

•Approved of new employee hire for Precinct Three.