The Brown County Agri-life Extension Service used a little “if we feed them they will come” philosophy to turn in its annual report to the county commissioners.

Court convened for a short meeting Monday in the regular courtroom at the Brown County Courthouse, then recessed and convened again at the Extension Office, to hear reports of the three county agents, and for some homemade candies and goodies.

In regular business, Jan Brown, 35th District Clerk, reported that the recently passed Senate Bill 1685 would now allow for a $5 fee to be added each time a new case was filed. The fee is a technical archival fee which will be used to defray the district’s cost for record maintenance.

Commissioners approved the new $5 charge, which will become effective Jan. 1. Brown said it will take time for the money to accrue, but “eventually,” she said, “we will have a way to get records imaged and go back and redo some of the records that are on microfiche that aren’t clear on CDs.”

Commissioners also ap-proved a resolution that will allow for the Brown County Domestic Violence Task Force to apply for two specific grants. Keith Madole said one grant will allow for law enforcement officers to have immediate access to an offender’s records so they would know if the offender allowed to be at a certain location, or if there are warrants, etc. Information available to the officer will include vehicles and license numbers of offenders or specific court orders that should apply to the offender’s case.

Madole said the second grant will benefit victims and can be used for protection and restoration. There is money available, and the two grants combined could be as much as $40,000, with a $5,000 minimum.

County Extension Agent Scott Anderson said it is an annual tradition for the Agri-life office to make a report to the court “and to share some refreshments at this time of year.” This year, the office has a full staff since agents Chelsea Stevens and Sarah Hinkle were hired last spring.

Each of the agents discussed highlights of the year and continuing progress.