EARLY — The city will have three new council members after a called meeting Tuesday, if the Early City Council acts on all of the agenda items.

The three will fill the seats held by William Kelcy, who resigned June 10 because he moved out of town; David Gray, who resigned Wednesday; and Pat Drew, who resigned Thursday.

City officials were initially unsure how they would get Charles Matlock, who they appointed Tuesday to fill Kelcy’s seat, sworn and seated. With the resignations of Gray and Drew, the council lacked a quorum and could not meet.

Early City Administrator Ken Thomas said the Texas Municipal League has advised the city that Matlock can be sworn in by a notary public. Matlock, therefore, will be sworn before Tuesday’s council meeting, giving the council a quorum and enabling it to meet.

According to the agenda, the council will:

• Consider accepting Gray’s resignation.

• Consider appointing and swearing in a member to replace Gray until the next general election.

• Consider accepting Drew’s resignation.

• Consider appointing and swearing in a member replace Drew until the next general election.

Mayor Bob Mangrum said the three new council members are taking office at the start of the city’s budget process. “We’re going to have to do a lot of basic one-two-three and walk them through the whole process,” Mangrum said.

Drew, speaking by phone, confirmed Thomas’ and Mangrum’s comments about his resignation reported in Friday’s edition. Both men said the eight-year councilman was tired.

““Basically, I’m proud to be a citizen of Early and I’m proud of a lot of the accomplishments we’ve made,” Drew said. “The council is still strong.

“I’m worn out. … The truth of the matter is, I’m burned out. I really enjoy being a citizen of Early and I think the city is going to do well, and I wish them well.”

Drew also confirmed Thomas’ statement that he had some concerns about the city’s direction. “I don’t want to go any further than that,”

he said.

He said he believes Thomas and Mangrum are doing what they believe is best for the city. “Ken and I are still really good friends. Bob Mangrum and I are going to remain good friends,” he said.