The Brownwood Bulletin traces its roots to two 19th century weeklies the Brownwood Banner and the Brownwood Bulletin. Will Mayes, a Brownwood attorney, purchased the Bulletin and in the 1890s purchased the Banner. On October 15, 1900 the Brownwood Bulletin became the community's first daily newspaper.

By 1905, the newspaper was a vital part of the community, prompting the construction of a new two-story building, with a basement that housed the press.

The newspaper remained in the downtown location until 1971 when it moved to the present location at 700 Carnegie. The newspaper offices and production facility featured a new offset press.

H.F. Mayes and J.C. White acquired the business in 1919 and operated the newspaper until 1940 when it was sold to C.C. Woodson. Woodson's son, Craig, bought the newspaper from his father in 1959 and continued building the small chain of dailies his father began.

In June 1989, the stock of the Bulletin and other newspapers in the Woodson Group was sold to Boone/Narragansett Publishing of the Southwest with the managing partner, Boone Newspapers Inc., headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In February 1999, the corporate headquarters came back to Texas with the Bulletin's acquisition by American Consolidated Media, which operates small- to medium-sized city daily and weekly newspapers in Texas and Oklahoma with offices in Dallas.

The daily was first published Monday through Saturday but the weekend newspaper began carrying a Sunday dateline in 1940. After World War II it went seven days until the severe drought and economic decline in 1953 when the Saturday edition was dropped. The Bulletin continued to be published as a weekday afternoon and Sunday morning newspaper until Sept 4, 2004, when the Saturday edition returned. We made one more change on December 8, 2005 and became a morning publication 7 days a week.