Election day arrives Saturday, and voters who passed up the opportunity to vote early may want to plan their treks to the polls in advance, according to Suzy Young, Brown County elections administrator.

“We want to encourage turnout,” Young said Thursday, “We want people to vote.”

Consolidation of some voting boxes in Brown County combined with the addition of a statewide constitutional amendment means some voters will not be casting ballots in traditional locations — those open for presidential election years, for example.

Many voters who want to cast ballots in both the City of Brownwood municipal elections and the Texas constitutional amendment election may need to go to two different locations, Young said. All Brownwood municipal voting will be held at the Coliseum Annex, but 12 voting locations will be staffed to accept the statewide ballots.

Voters in Bangs elections may also need to report to two locations.

“As a county entity, we are required to open a minimum of four voting boxes, one for each commissioner’s precinct,” Young said. “But we’re not going to do just that with the rural issue. The added locations will encourage everyone to vote without having to travel miles to the polls.”

Voters who live in the City of Bangs and are in Precinct 410 will vote at the high school. Voters in Precinct 410 and are in the Bangs ISD will also vote at the high school. But voters who are in the Bangs ISD and are in Precincts 215 and 417 will vote at the Texas 4-H Center. Voters in Precinct 410 wanting to vote in the constitutional amendment election will vote at the Bangs Community Center.

Voters in the City of Early council election will vote at the Early Lions Club.

Voters in the City of Blanket election will vote at the Blanket Lions Club.

No elections are being held this year for school trustees in Brownwood, Early or Blanket.

“We’re trying to get the information out about where to vote,” Young said. “If anyone has questions, we will be glad to answer them if people will call us at 646-4333, but we only have one phone line.”

Several parking places will be reserved for voters around the Coliseum Annex Saturday, Young said, but she warned voters that Howard Payne University’s commencement exercises, beginning at 10 a.m. at the neighboring Brownwood Coliseum, may complicate access.

County voters who wish to participate in the constitutional amendment election should report to these locations:

Precinct 101, 105 and 113 — Southside Baptist Church.

Precinct 109 — Brookesmith High School.

Precinct 202 and 204 — Coliseum Annex.

Precinct 212 — May school.

Precinct 214 and 215 — Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

Precinct 303 — East Elementary School.

Precinct 306, 316 and 318 — Early Lions Club.

Precinct 307 — Blanket Lions Club.

Precinct 308 — Zephyr Community Center.

Precinct 410 — Bangs Community Center.

Precinct 411 — Coggin Avenue Baptist Church.

Precinct 417 — Texas 4-H Center.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.