Whether it was flower beds at the front entrance, or grave markers that needed to be set upright, or improvements inside the office building, volunteers addressed a variety of needs Saturday.

A group of Howard Payne University students worked with Jason Watkins and Jason Roman from Reed Memorial/ Granite Guys leveling grave markers that had been moved by trees roots or other foundation problems. Another team beautified the front entry. Others were examining what appeared to be termite damage in the office flooring.

“We’re exploring grants to see what type of funds can be raised,” Greenleaf Cemetery newly-elected board member Martha Faetche said. “This is a public place of business, and it needs to have a professional appearance. A lot has been done in previous work days, but a lot is left to do.”

Her daughter Sarah was caulking windows, while other volunteers scrubbed walls.

FROG — Friends and Relatives Of Greenleaf — sponsored the work day, and were joined by students from one of Lynn Humeniuk’s social justice classes at Howard Payne.

It was the students who were helping the Granite Guys and board vice president Harold Hogan do the heavy lifting at a series of grave markers near the original cemetery entrance on the north side of the property. The earth around tilted stone monuments was removed, and dirt and bags of concrete were used to support the markers. Sometimes, an assist from a backhoe was required.

Shortly before noon, when a passerby asked if all the work was done, a volunteer answered, “We’ve only started.”