EARLY ó The City of Early will exercise eminent domain to obtain two easements along the route of the pipeline that will deliver treated water from the Brown County Water Improvement District.

City Administrator Ken Thomas told Early City Council members Tuesday that the city canít get easements on two pieces of property without eminent domain.

One property owner wonít allow the city on his property to do a survey for the route, Thomas said. The easement required is less than 1,000 feet. The other property owner wants the pipelineís route to go around the edge of the property, which would add about $155,000 to the cost, Thomas said. The easement needed on that property is about 2,500 feet.

He said the city is in the process of hiring a law firm that specializes in eminent domain. The process will be a joint effort between the city and the Zephyr Water Supply, which will also obtain treated water through the pipeline, Thomas said.

The property owners will still own the property, and the eminent domain will only provide easements, he said.

Also Tuesday, council members approved the refinancing of two general obligation bonds at a lower interest rate. Based on current interest rates, the city will save about $480,000, Thomas said.

One of the bonds is the 2000 sewer bond of $5 million. The other is the 2005 street bond in the amount of $4.5 million.