BANGS — The Bangs City Council has agreed to take the necessary steps to begin a Neighborhood Watch program.

Pct. 2 Constable David Hefner addressed the Bangs City Council Tuesday night about forming a Neighborhood Watch program in the city.

“He was responsible for the formation of the Neighborhood Watch programs in May and at Lake Brownwood,” said Mayor Carrol Wells.

Wells said bringing the idea of such a program is beneficial in every city.

“You can never have enough watch — or eyes and ears — in any city, regardless of size,” Wells said.

“Citizens helping citizens” and assisting police officers on duty were points Wells stressed.

“People know their own neighborhoods. Plus, it is a help to the officers who are on duty.”

Hefner was adamant, according to Wells, that a neighborhood watch does not give citizens police powers.

“He stressed and said several times that the purpose is only to be the eyes and ears and report any criminal or suspicious activities to the police.”

“Mr. Hefner has said he will train those who qualify and are interested free of charge.” Wells said.

City council members will man a booth at this weekend’s Mayfest for citizens interested in joining.

“As soon as there is enough interest, we will begin,” Wells said. “We hope to be going by June 1.”

Known as a proactive program in law enforcement circles, the Neighborhood Watch program has been enacted in cities nationwide. According to organizational literature, the program represents an organized and coordinated effort by concerned citizens who are committed to reducing crime in their neighborhood by cooperating with local law enforcement agencies.

In other business, council members Dawn Carter and Rita Barnes joined a newly formed committee with resident Danny Marney. The three will begin the coordination for a car show, which will be held June 30.

The next meeting of the Bangs City Council will be at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at city hall.