Brownwood City Council members will consider approving a resolution Tuesday to transfer ownership of about 75 pieces of art from the Brown County Hospital Authority to the city.

The hospital authority approached the cityís Art in Public Places Committee with a request to donate the art, ranging from original oils, watercolors and prints, as well as original copies of art, all framed, an agenda item briefing sheet states.

The hospital authority wishes that the art be distributed throughout the city and displayed in public places as the Art in Public Places Committee deems appropriate.

The council meets at 9 a.m. at City Hall.

The entire agenda follows:

1. Call to order

2. Invocation

3. Items to be withdrawn

4. Introduction, announcements and recognitions

5. Citizen presentations

To comply with provisions of the Open Meetings Act, the City Council may not deliberate on items presented under this agenda item. The citizen may request, or the council direct, the subject matter be formally placed on the next regular council agenda. All presentations may be subject to time limitations.

6. Approval of minutes: Regular meeting, July 22, 2008; special called meeting, July 28, 2008; special called meeting, July 29, 2008.

7. Claims and accounts

8. Public hearings - 9:15 a.m.

A. Zoning change request of Block 24, Lot 6, Grandview Addition, also known as 2501 Avenue B, from MH (Mobile Home Residential District) to $-3 (Multi-family Residential District).

Upon the completion of the above referenced public hearing, council may consider an ordinance on first reading granting the zoning change requests.

9. Consent agenda

A. Receive a petition to close and abandon an alley located between Home and Penn streets, from Hall Street northeast to end, and call for a public hearing.

B. Call for a public hearing regarding the fiscal year 2008-2009 city budget.

C. Consider a resolution authorizing th execution of the Atmos Cities Steering Committee Participation Agreement.

D. Approve Change Order No. 2 to the Downtown Waterline Improvement Contract with Whitewater Construction, Inc., Project Number BWD03354.

10. Ordinances and resolutions

A. Consider a resolution authorizing participation in a Public Safety Interoperability Communications Grant with WCTCOG for the purchase of two repeaters for the Fire Department.

11. Contracts and agreements

A. Consider approval of a Solid Waste Disposal Contract and Sanitation Hauling Agreement between the city and Kohler Company and authorize the city manager to sign same.

B. Consider approval of the following lease agreements:

1. Hunting lease: 212 acres located at 6500 FM 45 S., being west and adjacent to the T.R. Havins Unit off of FM 45; and

2. Agricultural lease: 212 acres located at 6500 FM 45 S., being west and adjacent to the T.R. Havins Unit off of FM 45.

C. Consider approval of a resolution authorizing the execution of an Art Asset Transfer Agreement and Deed of Gift with the Brown county Hospital Authority to transfer paintings for display in city owned buildings.

12. Reports

A. Brownwood Area chamber of Commerce Visitorís Bureau quarterly report.

B. FEMA remapping update.

C. Miscellaneous reports

13. Executive session

The City Council may convene into a closed executive session, pursuant to the provisions of the Open Meetings Law, Chapter 551, Government Code Vernonís Annotated, in accordance with the authority contained in the following section:

Section 551.071 - consultation with attorney

A. Lawsuit filed by Joe Cooksey.

Section 551.074 - personnel matters

A. City attorney

14. Action as a result of the executive session.

15. Adjournment.