Miracles happen. That is what Milton Avenue Baptist Church Pastor Ellis John Villarreal believes now more than ever.

In a recent letter from The Oldham Little Church Foundation of Houston, Villarreal found out that Milton was awarded a completion grant of $15,000 towards the update and repair of the old church building. The grant is designed to match funds with the church, which were donated by a family that chose not to be identified.

“We will be putting in an awning and handrails to connect the old church building to the new activity building,” said Villarreal. “This will allow members to access the new and old building with ease and avoid the elements.”

The grant also allows for new chairs, tables and carpet, things that in the past have been hard to come by for Milton.

“Our members have always been faithful,” said Villarreal. “We just haven’t been the most prosperous congregation around. But we have managed over the years to find ways to finance our projects. We have cleared land, laid foundation for the new building, and got donations from others in the way of used carpet, pews and such.”

Villarreal noted that the church recently celebrated the grand opening of their new activity building, which took several years and many dedicated members from past and present to complete.

“The church has been using our new activity building to hold services, in hopes that the old sanctuary could be restored for use,” said Villarreal. “To move back into the sanctuary, renovations had to be done to carpet, walls, floors, and ceilings. We also need to replace an air conditioner that didn’t work so well last year. There is a lot of work for Milton to do yet, but we are extremely grateful for all who have helped us and great days await us and faith will continue to open impossible doors.”

The updates are just another step in the process for Milton, according to Villarreal.

“We are just pleased that the foundation found a place for Milton in their ministries,” said Villarreal. “If it hadn’t been for them, we might not have been able to refurbish the old church for use again.”

The Oldham Little Church Foundation was made possible by a trust created with funds earned, saved and donated by Morris Calvin Oldham, 1886-1955. The foundation helps churches meet a pressing need of a temporary nature which when met would enable the church to become a stronger ministry. The foundation is designed to help with small-unanticipated shortfalls in construction projects. They prefer that the small grants they make be used to finish a project for the congregation’s use and community ministry.