A skateboarder skated through the drive-through lane of a liquor store late Wednesday night, then damaged the window by hitting the glass with the skateboard and a rock, police said.

Police were dispatched to Depot Liquor, 1001 Vine, at 10:54 p.m. after a glass breakage alarm was activated, a report by officer Trey Weathermon states.

Officers arrived to find two impact points on the drive-thru window, with cracks spreading out in a spider web fashion. A security camera picked up the image of a skateboarder who skated through the lane, then stopped, walked back and took a running start toward the window. The skateboard struck the glass.

The skateboarder picked up a rock and threw it, striking the glass, and ran.

In an unrelated incident, police were dispatched to a disturbance Wednesday night at the Silver Fox Lounge, 515 E. Commerce, in which a man was assaulted.

One of the people believed to have been involved in the disturbance had Midland County warrants. Police arrested Jonathan Pearson, 29, of Blanket on the Midland warrants and on a new charge of public intoxication, Brown County Jail records state.

A second suspect sought in the disturbance got away before police arrived.