The need for more networking, better communication of existing opportunities and the need to support additional offerings were among the discussion topics of a recent meeting of local residents working to enhance community education.

About 10 people, representing either themselves or organizations, attended a meeting last week held at Brownwood Regional Medical Center, Eric Morrow of Brownwood, said.

Interest in sustaining, expanding and promoting opportunities for community education began after Howard Payne University discontinued its program after the spring semester, according to Morrow, a doctoral student at the J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies at Baylor University and Brownwood businessman.

Morrow said interested residents plan to meet again in late August to move forward to continue to share information and possibly act on proposals.

Other topics to be addressed include a name to represent the area and the group’s efforts, and a plan to identify all of the educational opportunities that are currently available.

“We discussed some of these, but we need to compose a list of organizations agencies, and groups, and what they are offering,” Morrow said. “This would be the first step in networking and in coordinating publicity.”

He asked that those who are involved in, aware of or have participated in some type of class or program in this area to compile list and send them to him.

Morrow also asked those interested to think about ways to encourage area organizations to provide education.

“Some are already doing this,” he said. “With such a variety of groups, much can be offered for all ages of all interests.”

A list of interest areas is also being developed from people who would be willing to take a class to learn or enhance a skill or hobby.

The possibility of broadening the program to include other communities in the region is also being considered.