One of the most anticipated games of the NFL season will take place tonight, and millions of Dallas Cowboys fans around the state and nation will be unable to watch the game. Tonight’s broadcast is airing nationwide on the NFL Network, which many cable providers do not offer.

Locally, customers of Harris Broadband or one of the satellite services will be able to watch the game, but subscribers to Brownwood TV Cable may have to make other arrangements. The NFL Network, which is carried by Harris, DirectTV and the Dish Network, is not currently on Brownwood TV Cable system’s lineup. However game watching parties are being planned around the area

meaning that with a little work fans can still get their football fix.

“There are lots of sports enthusiasts, especially in Brownwood. The NFL Network is part of our basic package, so you don’t have to buy a separate sports package to get it,” said Joe Harris of Harris Broadband.

Harris explained that over time, he believes more games will be moving to the NFL Network, which is owned by the National Football League. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the chairman of the network.

“There will be others and eventually there will be a whole lot of them (games on the NFL Network),” Harris said. “Because it’s owned by the NFL, in the future most of the games will be moving.”

Karen McMillan of Brownwood TV Cable said that subscribers can call the business office at 646-3576 if they have questions about the game broadcast.

Although it’s too late to subscribe to Harris or a satellite service for tonight’s game, there are a few area restaurants that will be showing the game.

Prima Pasta and Backroads Bar and Grill both said they plan to show the game, which begins at 7 p.m.

Both Chili’s and Humphrey Pete’s typically show Cowboys’ games on their televisions, and draw big crowds during the games. However neither has access to the NFL Network and will not be airing tonight’s game.

The four-year-old NFL Network has about 35 million subscribers nationwide. For each of the past two seasons it has held exclusive rights to broadcast eight games. There is a provision that allows one local channel in the two cities whose teams are playing to purchase the broadcast rights and air the

game — but those broadcasts are local, not regional or national.

The NFL currently has broadcast agreements with networks CBS and Fox to air Sunday day games, NBC for a national Sunday night game and ESPN, which airs a national Monday night game.