Special to the Bulletin

Computers and technology are constantly changing and advancing, so it is only natural students be taught right along with those changes. In order to do so, Texas State Technical College West Texas has re-vamped its Information and Computer Technology division.

“The updated degree plans were done to keep in line with changing technology and to help ensure that our graduates have the skills most needed by employers,” said Julie Rhoades, division chair for the Information and Computer Technology programs at TSTC West Texas Brownwood. “We are excited because not only have our degree plans been updated, but they have also been arranged so they are more streamlined. We hope this will provide students with an up-to-date education while also providing the flexibility to fit individual needs,” said Rhoades.

One of the changes to the ICT division includes changing the name of the Drafting and Design Technology degree to Computer Aided Drafting and Design. But the major change comes in the form of the new Desktop Publishing, Office Software Management, and Software and Business Accounting programs, which replace Computer Information Technology, Digital Multimedia Systems and Computer Business Systems.

“The re-arrangement of courses in these degrees will allow more focused learning and allow individuals to acquire skills in a particular area quickly,” said Rhoades.

In addition to the streamlined programs, the ICT courses will go to block scheduling. Block scheduling will allow students to complete a course in just seven and a half weeks, rather than the regular 15 weeks.

Another great addition these changes have brought is the option for students to obtain Marketable Skills Awards, which are designed for individuals who are already established in their career, but need to be updated in a specific area.

Rhoades said the ICT division will transition into the new degree plan one semester at a time. This will allow current students to continue taking courses from their current degree plan during the transition.

Registration for the fall semester is now under way, with classes beginning on Monday, Aug. 27.

For more information about the ICT programs or any of the programs, contact TSTC West Texas Brownwood at 641-3905.