Developers have submitted preliminary plats on a second phase of Feather Bay to Brown County Commissioners.

“Things are going well,” said Greg McMurtrie, chief operating officer for Colorado Mountain Development and Feather Bay Land Management Co. Inc.

The development company purchased the Feather Bay subdivision at Lake Brownwood, and paid the back taxes, on Dec. 23, 2006.

McMurtrie said in an interview after the meeting the lots in the first phase of the development had been sold, warranting plans for the second phase. Phase 2 is to be a 185-lot development with a minimum size lot being a quarter-of-an-acre.

Sixty-foot-wide streets will lead into the subdivision and 50-foot-wide streets will run in the interior, McMurtrie told the court. “Those are the county specified measurements,” he said.

Commissioners did not take action Monday, because they had not had time to review the plats as presented, but asked the developers to return to the court in two weeks. McMurtrie said the time frame worked well from their standpoint, giving them time to work with Brownwood city officials that will allow the development to own and operate a sewer delivery system.

“This is completely new land, and an extended development,” McMurtrie said. “Twenty years ago, developers put in pipes for Phase 1, and those aren’t good. People building in Phase 1 are putting in septic systems.”

In other county business, Monday, commissioners:

Agreed to allow Family Heritage, which administers an income insurance plan for cancer victims to discuss policy options with county workers, and allow those workers wishing to sign up for the plan to add the policy to their “cafeteria” of benefits. The “cafeteria” already includes Aflac, which is an additional income plan for other various major medical situations. Passed on enrolling the county with a credit check company pending further investigation on the “best or most efficient” company for the county. Credit check options are needed for several county situations, including checking the financial situations of people who claim being indigent and request court-appointed attorneys or other services based on income.