Lee Scott Clemons was sentenced to a total of 119 years in prison Tuesday in 35th District Court for aggravated sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child.

Jurors assessed two 99-year sentences that will run concurrently for aggravated sexual assault, and two 10-year sentences for indecency with a child. District Judge Steve Ellis stacked the two 10-year sentences on top of the 99-year sentences.

Clemons, 34, of Early, faced punishment ranging from probation to life in prison.

Prosecutors Micheal Murray and Sam Moss asked jurors to assess the maximum sentence of life in prison. Defense attorney Keith Woodley, while never conceding that his client had committed the acts for which he was convicted, told jurors “even the worst among us” have some redeeming value and asked for probation.

Clemons had sexual contact with two young female child relatives, and another child, the daughter of a family friend, witnessed some of the contact, testimony showed.

All three girls were Clemons’ victims, prosecutors told jurors.

Deputies began investigating Clemons in July 2006 after one of the girls told two adult relatives that Clemons was having sexual contact with them, testimony showed. Clemons was arrested the following month and has remained in the Brown County Jail.

Woodley told jurors in his closing argument that the girl who made the outcry could have done so because her mother was angry at Clemons and planted the idea in her mind that Clemons had assaulted her.

Woodley also suggested that a towel with Clemons’ DNA had been planted.

Murray and Moss responded with fiery closing arguments for the prosecution, telling jurors that the girls had never wavered in their statements to counselors over the past year and a half.

Moss told jurors that people like Clemons are “so twisted and evil” that they think they have the right to brutalize children.