She may have come in past a Friday night curfew, but the weather front that delivered up to 3 inches of rain to Brown County Saturday wasn’t at all quiet about it.

And weather forecasters are predicting she’ll hang around until Tuesday with more of the same - spotty and sometimes heavy rains accompanied by lightning and thunder with some wind and cooler temperatures.

“The front we’re in now (Saturday afternoon) is widespread,” said Kimberly Hoeppner, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in San Angelo. “The front stretches from Del Rio to San Antonio, to Beaumont and far East Texas. Brown County’s location is pretty much in the middle of that.

“We’ll see the same kind of pattern on Sunday,” Hoeppner said, “possibly with the heaviest showers between 10 and 11 a.m.”

The forecast through Tuesday evening shows continued rain showers, “mostly moderate with heavier, isolated downpours,” Hoeppner said. “You can expect thunder, lightning, even pea-size hail.”

At Fire Station 1 in downtown Brownwood, the 24-hour rain gauge showed 1.5 inches of rainfall on Saturday afternoon. But in southwest Brownwood, a resident’s gauge measured 2.5 inches. A spokesman at Brownwood Regional Airport said the gauge there had measured 1.6 inches before “cutting off,” but there had been reports of up to 3 inches in the area the spokesman said.

Some residents in south Brownwood were without power for a while Saturday morning.

Hoeppner said the length of the front’s stay and the resulting moisture would qualify as what Texans could call a good rain.

“What falls on Saturday won’t have time to evaporate before more comes on Sunday. And the heaviest rains yet will likely be in the first part of the week,” Hoeppner said.

“That, with the cooler temperatures, should result in good ground saturation.”