This time next year, the Early Independent School District could be nearing completion on the majority of the district’s bond projects.

EISD trustees on Thursday approved schematics for the district’s new elementary school and “Big Room,” which will be “packaged” together for the bid process.

“The way we’re doing this, companies can bid on one or both of the projects,” said Daren Kirbo of Huckabee and Associates, the project manager for the EISD. “Doing so will allow for more competitive bidding, we feel.”

The schedule for the elementary and “Big Room” construction is to sign and seal the bids Aug. 15; start construction Sept. 27; and be substantially completed with both projects by early August 2008.

Additions and renovations to the high school, track field and stadium are scheduled to take 181 days, with construction beginning Dec. 6, 2007, and “substantial completion” scheduled for Aug. 14, 2008.

Construction on the primary school renovations is scheduled to begin in April 2008. That school’s completion target date is December 2008.

In planning and scheduling the projects, the trustees were advised the primary campus would be the last of the projects, largely because the elementary school would have to be completed first, so those students would not be occupying the school during the major part of the construction.

Trustees met in regular session Thursday, and were warned there could be a number of called meetings throughout August and September, all concerning the construction projects.

“It could get hectic,” said EISD Superintendent Brett Koch. “We’re moving fast.”

In a lighter moment of the long meeting, Koch said to board members, “If you haven’t seen what they’re doing in the gym, I advise you to wait. It’s nearly complete, and when you see it finished, you’re going to be amazed. It’s so amazing what putting windows in has done. It’s going to be a great facility for us.”

Gym renovation and the new flooring will be complete by the time school starts this term, but the bleacher seating won’t be completely installed until probably October.

Board members accepted a bid from Key Enterprises for the purchase of new retractable bleachers for the gym.

Though going in, a consideration had been to have seat backs to some or all of the bleacher seats, two of the bidding companies advised against the plan, saying it would cut down on the seating capacity. At capacity, 620 seats will be available.

Koch said, also at no extra charge, the new plastic seating will be in purple and gold, and, whether pulled out or retracted the initials EHS will be legible by the pattern of the colors.

Also, trustees voted to donate the “old” bleachers to Victory Life Christian Academy. The academy will be responsible for removing the bleachers.