Deputies following up on a tip went to a Brownwood home and seized two big-screen televisions and other items believed to have been stolen.

No arrests were made, a report by deputy Carlyle Gover states.

Gover and deputy Scott Bird accompanied a probation officer Saturday on a visit to a felony probationer’s home. Gover had received information that the probationer, who has a search clause as a condition of his probation, had stolen property including two flat screen televisions, an xBox and cameras.

When Gover told the probationer he had information that he possessed stolen property, a family member said “I knew they were stolen,” Gover’s report states. She said she was referring to two televisions and an xBox.

The probationer said three men drove to the residence in a pickup about two weeks earlier and sold him the items at midnight out of the back of the pickup. He said he made the transaction with a “crack head” he to whom he had sold narcotics previously.

He told Gover he bought the televisions for $100 each and the xBox for $150. Gover asked him the value of the items, and the probationer said the televisions were worth $800 to $1,000 each and the xBox was worth $300 to $600.

“I told (the probationer) that based on his statement, he had purchased items at a fraction of their value from a crack head and that he had to have known that these items were stolen,” Gover wrote in his report. “(The probationer) countered by saying that the sellers may have purchased these items and decided to sell them. … (The probationer) added that he knew we were coming and that this was a set-up. He couldn’t elaborate any further than that.

“(The probationer) never would admit that he knew the items were stolen.”

Deputies were trying to confirm whether the items were stolen, and Gover gave the items’ serial numbers to a Wal-Mart representative to check with store records.