Brownwood — with 34.07 inches of rain seven months into the year — has already topped its annual average of 32.12 inches as computed over the past 22 years. But conditions returned to a bit closer to normal levels in July.

Officials with the National Weather Service reported a July rainfall in Brownwood of 3.14 inches, still considerably above the 1.84 inches listed as average for the month.

The monthly total for July in Brownwood was less than the rainfall some areas of the county received in one day during June, when 4 to 5 inches from one storm was not uncommon. Similar totals of heavy rains were also reported from single storms throughout Brown County in late July. But those heavy, isolated storms apparently sidestepped the official measuring station.

The wettest July in Brownwood, according the NWS records dating back to 1888, was in 1945 when 10.92 inches was measured.

June was the rainiest month of this year with 10.83 inches, but the city got 7.24 inches in March and 7.28 inches in May.

Brownwood has endured a series of “100-year floods” since 1990, floods that were deemed to be the worst an area could expect to experience within a century. Weather service records reflect that the annual average rainfall for Brownwood since 1985 is 32.77 inches. An average of rainfall totals between 1888 and 1989 shows an average annual rainfall of only 25.77 inches.

The most rain Brownwood has received in a year was 46.00 inches in 1919, but that was almost matched in 1990 when 45.97 inches was recorded.