A preliminary report on the National Transportation Safety Board’s Web site describes the 20-minute flight of B.J. Carnes’ small home-built plane before it crashed in Coleman County on July 5.

The report does not give a cause of the crash, which killed the 38-year-old Brownwood firefighter. The NTSB will issue “Factual” and “probable cause” reports at later dates.

Carnes flew his RV-8 plane from Brownwood to the Coleman airport on July 3, then drove to the T-Bone Ranch near Valera, where he planned to make a flyover in conjunction with a fireworks show. Carnes looked over the area on the ground, then flew over the area, the NTSB said.

On July 5, Carnes again flew from Brownwood to the Coleman airport, landed and drove the the performance area.

He drove back to the airplane and took off, and performed three low altitude passes at the performance area, ending each pass with a pull-up, the NTSB said.

During the pull-up from the third pass the plane rolled to the left, followed by a steep dive into a vehicle parking area. The plane turned about 270 degrees from the start of the pull-up until it crashed, the NTSB said.