At 2 a.m. three days before Christmas, Santa may not have been watching, but a witness did see a black pickup with “big tires” run into and partially knock over the King’s Market sign at Fourth Street and Coggin. The driver of the truck did not stop.

The witness called police, and Brownwood officer Sky Self wrote in his report there were tire tracks in the grassy area around the sign, and part of the pickup’s bumper was lying on the ground.

Self found the pickup, traveling south on Fourth Street, and when the driver started to turn on Wood without giving a turn signal, Self activated his patrol car’s lights for a stop. Self reported the pickup had fresh grass in the tread of the tires, and part of the bumper was missing.

But the driver, 17-year-old Eduardo Palacios, told Self he thought he had made the corner, and didn’t know he’d hit anything. After further questioning, Self reported, Palacios said he didn’t stop, because, “I didn’t think anyone was watching.”

Also, Palacios said, his father had told him he could not take the truck, and, according to Self’s report, Palacios said he waited until his father had fallen asleep before taking the truck to go to a party at his cousin’s house.

Self wrote in the report that as he was making the arrest, Palacios had said Brownwood officers were good because they had caught him.

Self also was dispatched to a house in the 2500 block of Coggin shortly before midnight on Monday where two pregnant females were reportedly fighting. Self reported in that incident, three women had been living in the house but were being evicted and one of the fighters said the tension and stress had built up all day while the women were trying to move their belongings out of the house.