Brownwood City Council members approved the assignment of an existing airport hangar lease Tuesday that is expected to bring a non-profit organization that performs aerial search-and-rescue and disaster relief operations.

Flight 1 Rescue is a Montana-registered non-profit organization that wants to move its business to the Brownwood airport, council members were told.

Council members approved assigning the lease of the Burkett hangar pending negotiation of a contract. The Burketts sold their business more than three years ago and the hangar has not been in use for quite some time, council members were told.

Flight 1 would be responsible for maintaining the hangar and paying taxes and utility bills.

Flight 1 also plans to form a Texas company to operate a helicopter flight training school, council members were told.

Brownwood City Manager Bobby Rountree said earlier that Flight 1 is “a rescue-type company” with helicopters equipped with thermal imaging cameras. Flight 1 President Terry Comins of Houston said it’s premature to comment but said, “We’re looking to move into the area and will primarily be a non-profit search and rescue and disaster relief” organization.

In other business, council members approved a resolution authorizing the Cities Aggregation Power Project (CAPP) to negotiate a five-year electric supply agreement and act as an agent for the city.

CAPP has negotiated an agreement with Florida Power and Light to sell electricity to West Zone members of CAPP, which includes Brownwood, at a discounted rate for the five-year period.

Still to be resolved is the decision of whether to enter a 24-year contract with CAPP to pre-pay a portion of its electrical energy purchases at a set price. The 24-year contract would obligate the city to pay its share of bonds CAPP would issue for the pre-payment.

The five-year contract council members approved Tuesday does not approve pre-payment or bonds, council members were told.

Also Tuesday, council members:

• Approved an ordinance on second and third readings amending the city’s Code of Ordinances to add and delete neighborhood parks owned by the City of Brownwood.

• Approved an ordinance on second and third readings establishing a 20-mph school zone along Melwood Avenue between West Baker Street and Anderson Street.

• Approved a vendor agreement with Area Agency on Aging of West Central Texas Council of Governments for meal reimbursement.

• Approved a resolution adopting an identity theft program for the City of Brownwood in accordance with federal guidelines.