The board directors of the Boys and Girls Club of Brown County held an appreciation hamburger cookout lunch for the employees of TexasBank to thank them for their donation that was made through TexasBank Golf Classic at this June’s tournament. In addition to hamburgers, employees enjoyed all the fixin’s plus homemade cookies and brownies. Pictured left to right are Liz Brown, Renee Searcy Lori Arp (all of TexasBank), Cheryl Buse, Jeanie Reiger, Mariann Tackett and Michael Richardson (all of Boys and Girls Club); back row, Lewis Locker (TexasBank and Boys and Girls Club), Janice Garrett (Boys and Girls Club), C. Norman Tinkler, Diane Tinkler, Carey Stewart (TexasBank), Jim Bitter (Boys and Girls Club), Greg Dodds (TexasBank) and Brook Clowdus (Boys and Girls Club). Photo by Bill Crist