Brownwood City Council members will present a proposed $29.34 million budget for the 2007-08 fiscal year during a public hearing Tuesday and will consider a resolution to adopt the spending plan.

The proposed budget is 7 percent larger than the 2006-07 budget of $27.41 million. It includes a 13 percent increase in the funds for police and fire department salaries, which will cost $379,500, and a 3 percent cost of living raise for all other city employees, costing $206,200.

The budget also includes funds for two additional patrol officers for the police department.

Funds are included to conduct a salary study of the entire city in the upcoming year, City Finance Director Walter Middleton said.

He said factors affecting the budget are:

Pay raises and more Brownwood patrol officers. Brown County Water Improvement District costs. The water cost increased by 6.25 percent, adding $98,000 to the budget. Street improvement $400,000. The city will use a combination of city crews and outside contractors to increase the amount of street work. Code demolition $61,000, again using a combination of city crews and outside contractors to increase the demolition work. Landfill cell development $200,000 for Cell 11 excavation, including blasting. Inter-fund payments Franchise and support service payments from the utility and sanitation funds to the general fund are being increased by $70,800. Inflation the municipal inflation rate last year was 3.6 percent, and adds an estimated $597,00 to the budget.

Overall budget increases are:

Pay increases and police personnel $658,680. BCWID costs $713,800. Street improvements - $70,000. Code demolition $26,000. Landfill cell development $150,000. Inter-fund payments $70,800. Inflation $597,000.