Yes, Brown County, there will be a “Magical High-Lights of Christmas” parade Dec. 4 – someway, some how.

But for the first time in a couple of decades, the Brownwood Jaycees will not be planning, organizing, orchestrating or judging the annual program. And said Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Laura Terhune, the search is on for a replacement organization who will take on the task.

Terhune said the Jaycees membership had dwindled to about two active members and Pat McLaughlin had made the parade “happen” the last several years purely as a labor of love. This year, McLaughlin is stepping down.

“We’re confident we can find a new group to take this on,” Terhune said, “and there will be a parade – even if the chamber staff has to do it.”

The chamber staff would have accepted the responsibility for getting the parade set up already Terhune said, except the small chamber staff is setting up the premiere “Christmas Under the Stars” event planned to follow the parade.

“Our problem is, we need to be here,” Terhune said. “Our plate is full.”

Some of the planning for the parade has been done and McLaughlin will meet with the group that steps up to take on parade planning, Terhune said.

McLaughlin also has compiled a procedures notebook over the years that he is willing to share, Terhune added.

The parade organization involves identifying the “VIPs” and arranging for their cars and drivers, lining up entries and coordinating information for the radio and television broadcasts.