A 21-year-old motorist caught at 3 a.m. driving around and around in a muddy soccer field admitted to Brownwood police officer Fred Bastardo it was a stupid thing to do, and that he knew better.

But Joshua Williams’ admission didn’t keep him from being arrested. Then, as he was being taken to jail, Williams cursed at Bastardo and begged to be allowed to go home.

According to Bastardo’s report, Williams said, “I’ll lose my kid if I go to jail.” Once at the jail, Williams called Bastardo another profane name and told jailers trying to book him that Bastardo suffered from “short man syndrome.”

Bastardo reported he was exiting the Brownwood Apartments about 3 a.m. Tuesday when he saw the pickup being driven in circles on about a 75-foot area on the soccer field of Trigg Park. Because of the recent rains the fields were very muddy, and Bastardo reported he would have been unable to drive his patrol car onto the field without getting it stuck. Williams had two passengers with him, and drove to the field’s edge after Bastardo activated his lights.

“Yeah, I know I was stupid,” Williams told Bastardo. “I should not have driven on to the field. I know better.”

Williams had been released from jail by Wednesday afternoon. He was charged with the destruction of public property, and damages to the soccer field were estimated to be more than $50.

In other incidents:

• A man reported his credit rating showed a $1,500 AT&T bill for calls he didn’t make, from a city where he did not live. A former daughter-in-law is suspected of running up the bill. He was advised by AT&T to file a complaint with the sheriff’s department.

• May volunteer firefighters and a Brown County sheriff’s deputy responded to a vehicle fire at the intersection of County Roads 443 and 442. An 88-year-old man’s 1979 pickup caught fire, but the man escaped, uninjured, and went home.