Cases of identity theft happen at an alarming rate, and no area of the country or person is immune from the danger. Will Carrier, owner of Willie’s T’s, recently learned that lesson first hand. Carrier learned in late August that someone had written a check with his name, address and drivers’ license number at a San Angelo grocery store.

“I got a call from a check collector out of Odessa on Aug. 24. They had a check for Food Basket IGA for $202,” Carrier said.

The next day he received a call from Tele-Chek alerting him that someone had written three more checks, this time to Wal-Mart, totaling $193.

That was just the beginning, though. Last week Carrier received a letter about more checks, totaling more than $300, written in San Angelo.

“I got a letter from Checkstar that someone had written three checks to Town and Country and one to Taco Bell,” Carrier said.

In all, there have been eight checks written using Carrier’s stolen identity.

Because the checks have an Early address, Carrier said he filed a police report with the Early Police Department. The information has been forwarded to the San Angelo Police Dept., which has assigned a detective to the case. Although the checks are written on a non-existent account and are drawn on an Abilene bank, they do contain Carrier’s personal information.

The suspect was filmed on the store’s video during one of his stops at the San Angelo Town and Country. Carrier received copies of those pictures on Tuesday from the detective helping him with the case. He immediately began enlisting the community’s help in identifying the suspect. He is offering a reward for the first person to provide the suspect’s name.

Anyone with information can call Carrier at 643-2128.