Bulletin Staff Report

EARLY ó Police in Early are investigating the recent thefts of catalytic converters from two vehicles, Police Chief David Mercer said.

ďThereís quite a market for it, believe it or not,Ē Mercer said. ďItís something we were told about months ago thatís happening in (bigger) cities. Obviously, everything always trickles down to us. Iím afraid itís going to be a little bit of a trend.Ē

He said thieves target catalytic converters to break them down for the titanium, which is sold to metal shops.

It is a fairly quick and simple task for someone to crawl under a vehicle and cut away its catalytic converter, Mercer said.

A catalytic converter was taken from a church van about a week ago, and police took a report Tuesday of a converter taken from a vehicle parked outside an auto repair shop, Mercer said.