The City of Brownwood wants to increase the amount of money it collects from landfill users, including the five entities that pay contract rates.

City officials will begin negotiating new two-year contracts, effective July 1, for landfill disposal with Community Sanitation, Duncan Disposal, Kohler and the cities of Early and San Saba.

Brownwood City Council members approved the rates Tuesday that the city will propose to the companies.

Current contracts are expired, but existing rates have been extended by mutual consent, council members were told.

Current contract rates for all of the companies except Kohler are $24.50 per ton for the first 4,000 tons, with a sliding scale for additional amounts. Kohler currently pays $21.74 per ton. The city also hauls’ Kohler’s waste and provides waste containers at no charge.

Council members approved new rates of $28 per ton for all of the entities except Kohler, with the sliding scale discontinued. Council members approved a rate of $26.60 per ton with Kohler, and approved negotiating a haul rate and equipment rental charges as part of a new contract.

Additionally, council members authorized city staff to prepare an amended ordinance that will raise the disposal rates for non-contract users from $30 per ton to $34 per ton.

A recent rate study by RW Beck, an Austin consultant, showed the city’s cost of operating the landfill at $24.59 per ton, which does not include the city’s own waste, council members were told. The city charges more than it takes in to operate the landfill because to generate revenue for the budget and for set-asides to build new cells and care for closed-out cells, Mayor Bert Massey told council members.

The five entities with disposal contracts save substantially over ordinance rates, council members were told. Those savings, and their tonnage over the past 12 months, are:

Kohler $456,234, or 46 percent; 22,199 tons. Community Sanitation — $78,394, or 23 percent; 11,567 tons. Duncan Disposal — $17,330, or 18 percent; 3,151 tons. City of Early — $14,080, or 18 percent; 2,560 tons. City of San Saba — $17,875, or 18 percent; 3,250 tons.