Brownwood High School students participated in a dramatic exercise Thursday to illustrate the reality of alcohol-related deaths among teenagers.

Students participated in the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Grim Reaper Project throughout the day, according to student Phoenix Solis.

Every 25 minutes, a student would stand up to represent the 39 percent of fatal accidents caused by drinking. Each would then dress in black, as the Grim Reaper, with black eye make-up, and they remained dressed that way until the end of the school day.

Other students who participated were Julia Tharp, Megan Green, John Paul Hernandez, Kristle Lewis, Yasmeen Chavez, Alyssa Lewis, Stephanie Ivy, Amanda Sapper, Danielle Reding, Stormy San Miguel, Krishna Desai, Kayla Jackson, Lily Hoti, Kirsten Wooten, Valeri Delarosa, Inarei Pasena, Shemie Hampton, Bradi Gill and Heather Cooke.

SADD was founded on the philosophy that young people are the most effective force in prevention. SADD has became a national leader in alcohol and drug education and prevention.

Through the efforts of SADD and similar organizations and changes in government policy and law, the number of teen alcohol-related traffic crashes has been reduced by almost 60 percent in the past quarter century, according to its national Web site.

SADD expanded its original focus to include education designed to prevent a host of destructive decisions.