A 21-year-old Brownwood woman’s romance with her new boyfriend ended with a falling-out that included him threatening her with voltage-emitting “stun” knuckles, police said.

    “(Expletive), I’ll tase you, I’ll tase you,” the woman quoted the man as saying when she talked to officer Brandon Arnold.

    The woman told Arnold Monday afternoon she and the man met two weeks ago and were boyfriend and girlfriend, and were talking about getting more serious — until their dispute, Arnold’s report states.

    The man had told her he was on the run from Austin police, and she let him stay in her home for a couple of days. After a verbal dispute, the man knocked pictures off the wall and tore things up, then grabbed some of her DVDs and started to leave.

    When she blocked his path, the man produced stun knuckles, which are similar to brass knuckles but have electrode surfaces that can render someone unconscious from the voltage, Arnold’s report states.

    The man grabbed the woman, moved her aside and left. The woman told Arnold she knows what stun knuckles can do because she saw him use them while assaulting a man who ended up unconscious.

    In other incidents:

    • A 25-year-old woman showed up at a 56-year-old woman’s apartment Monday night, saying she’d just gotten out of jail, was cold and had no jacket. The older woman allowed the younger woman inside. The younger woman fled with the older woman’s cell phone. She chased her down and got it back, but then noticed her purse with $100 and coin purse with $10 were missing.

    • Someone took a tool belt and assorted tools from a vehicle parked in the 1200 block of Avenue B.

    • Someone took an iPOD from a vehicle parked in the 100 block of Center. The owner hadn’t planned to report the theft, but did so after he realized the burglar had jimmied the hatchback, damaging it.