Special to the Bulletin

The Brown County Democratic Party has invited Bishop Aaron C. Blake Sr., pastor of Brownwood’s Greater Faith Community Church, to be keynote speaker at its monthly meeting Thursday.

Blake will be speaking on the topic, “A Date Stamp in History: Obama To Usher In Positive Change For America.” The meeting’s start time is 5:30 p.m. and it will be held at the Brown County Democratic Party headquarters, 308 N. Broadway.

“This upcoming election is and will be one of the most historic elections that our country has ever experienced,” Blake said. “It is not because we had the first woman to become a key candidate for a major party. It is not because we have the first African-American to become the first nominee for a major party. It is not even because there will be one of the greatest voter turnouts in our nation’s history.

“It will be a key election because of a six-letter word: change. There will be a comprehensive plan for change. There will be change in our energy conservation plans and new alternative energies. There will be change to provide universal health care and lower health costs.

“There will be change to begin dialogue on ideas that will strengthen families by promoting responsible fatherhood. There will be change to reform ‘No Child Left Behind.’ There will be change to empower 37 million Americans who presently live in poverty. There will be change to support, strengthen and maintain our defense capabilities. Our nation is too great to let party politics divide us.”

At the meeting, the Brown County Democratic Party will distribute sign-up sheets for volunteers who wish to become involved in the 2008 Democratic Party campaign in Brown County, and voter registration forms will be available. Directly following the meeting, refreshments will be served and free bumper stickers will be distributed to anyone who wishes to display them in support of Sen. Barack Obama.

For more information, contact Brad Confer at 643-4891 or e-mail him at bloomsbury@earthlink.net.