“Brothers and Sisters, I bid you beware / Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.”

- from “The Power Of The Dog” by Rudyard Kipling

More than a dozen years ago, Carol Bullion found a lost pup at the Chevron station on Commerce.

The Miniature Schnauzer, which Bullion and her husband named Chevron, had to have had a story, she said. In Chevron’s previous life, she had been obviously well cared for, was house trained and her ears had been clipped as is typical for the breed.

“She was just the sweetest, most precious dog. We loved her so,” Bullion said, a catch coming into her throat.

Chevron died two days before Thanksgiving, 2007. The beloved and departed pet is as much a connection and inspiration as can be found for the special “Raise the Woof” raffle quilt, Bullion and other quilters are donating as a fund-raiser for the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center.

“The idea of a raffle quilt came to me, really as I was looking for a kind of therapy for getting over losing Chevron,” Bullion said.

And though on Sunday, Bullion was hurrying to finish the binding on the quilt before she and others turn it over to the “Raise the Woof” group on Tuesday, Bullion shies from the credit.

“We asked people in the different quilting groups to make blocks,” Bullion said. “It’s turned out so nice, but it’s really sort of a ‘scrappy’ quilt. Some of the blocks are embroidered, some are appliquéd, and there is a mix of dog and cat blocks.”

The quilt will appeal to those who have “a thing” for dogs and cats, and many people do, she added.

The quilt, Bullion estimates, is a “good 72 x 72 inches” and the blocks are set together with animal motif fabric strips, with paw prints or bones printed on the fabric.

Among those contributing blocks are Jeanneene Johnson, Mary Mauldin, Drenay Bain, Angela McCorkle, Jonna Burkes, Nancy Tubb, Benita Pipes, Jan Bivens, Millie Schwab, Mary Kennedy, Stella Burns and Pat Karnes.

Kennedy and Schwab assembled the blocks into the completed quilt top and the machine quilting was completed at Susie’s Quilting Quarters.

Randee “Rags” Green, chair for the “Raise the Woof” campaign said though construction has begun on the new building at the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center, the fund-raising is ongoing.

“These ongoing projects that bring attention to the center, the needs of the animals, are a huge help,” Green said.

Green and “Raise the Woof” committee members will accept the quilt on Tuesday at Susie’s Quilting Corners. The raffle quilt will be on display at various banks and businesses in the community, starting Tuesday at the TexasBank on Fisk.

Raffle tickets are $2 each or three tickets for $5. Tickets are available from any “Raise the Woof” committee member, or call Green at 641-1182.