EARLY — Mayor Bob Mangrum said he hopes Monday night’s joint meeting of the Early City Council and Zephyr Water Supply Corp. will produce an agreement on ownership of a proposed water pipeline.

The two groups will meet at 7 p.m. at Early City Hall.

The meeting is the result of discussion at the July 8 City Council meeting, when City Administrator Ken Thomas updated council members on the Brown County Water Improvement District’s board meeting he attended earlier that day.

Discussion at that meeting indicated the Zephyr Water Supply Corp. board is interested in owning a portion of a proposed pipeline that will supply treated water to Early, Thomas said.

Previous discussions have indicated that the Zephyr Water Supply, a longtime Early water customer, wants to go in with Early on the pipeline and buy capacity.

Thomas said if Zephyr pulls out of the pipeline plan, it appears the water district might not keep its offer on the table to Early as a single entity. The water district has offered to supply the labor to build a 24-inch pipeline with a capacity of 10 million gallons a day.

Council members agreed they need to have a joint meeting with the Zephyr board.

“Hopefully we will come to a satisfactory agreement on Monday,” Mangrum said. “Both groups, I think, want to get this hammered out. Hopefully we’ll have a successful negotiation. It’s not a showdown. I think we can resolve it. Both boards are reasonable people.”

Last month, council members opted to go with the pipeline plan rather than having the city build a new water treatment plant and continue treating its own water.