BANGS - NAACP representatives who visited Bangs on Thursday revealed the name of only one of the witnesses they say will back up claims of racism against a black city employee.

That witness is former Bangs Mayor Carrol Wells, who resigned as mayor in October 2007.

“(Mayor Pro-Tem Marisa Craddock) said that she did not like the idea that we had a N—— working for us,” a paper with several typed paragraphs, followed by Wells’ signature states.

“She always referred to him as such.”

Renita Sanders, first vice president of the NAACP Austin branch, gave reporters copies of the paper Thursday in Bangs.

Wells could not be reached for comment.

When Wells resigned as mayor, she said cited differences with some council members as factors in her decision to step down. She declined to name them but said then, “they know who they are.”

Craddock said at that time that she knew she was one of the council members Wells was referring to.

Sanders said earlier that the NAACP had spoken with several witnesses who said they heard Craddock use a racial slur more than once in reference to black employee Lawrence Crosby, a 67-year-old maintenance worker.

Sanders also said one of the witnesses was a well known, highly credible person. Nelson Linder, president of the NAACP Austin Branch, named Wells as that witness.

Bangs City Attorney Mark Bessent has said he has asked the NAACP to name the witnesses who say they heard Craddock use the slur, but the NAACP has refused.

Bessent has said he needs to talk to those witnesses. He has said he has been unable to find witnesses who can corroborate the allegation against Craddock.

The NAACP has asked that Craddock resign by Sept. 9, the date of the next Bangs City Council meeting.

Craddock has declined to comment.